I was chatting with my former teammate Chris Sutton (Team Sky) at one point during the race and he told me that he has his personal hair stylist coming to Girona to help him with things. What? Now this is a chat I’m intrigued by. Interestingly, he explained to me with quite a great level of detail about just how well she cuts his hair. Of course I’m certain that he’s yanking my chain but the dude is so serious and you just can’t ad lib some of these details that I realize soon enough that he’s actually telling the truth. He goes on and on about how she has this special ability to get his hair just the way he likes it. I mean this is pure peloton gold. He lets me know that she even uses these special thinning scissors on the top of his head and how much he just loves those scissors. Special thinning scissors! What is he a sheep? I’m in the pro peloton for ten years plus and this chat is just priceless.

Dave Zabriskie » Tirreno

Zabriskie dishes on some peloton gossip!

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